Nice IoT solution. But how long can you live with it?
Nice IoT solution. But how long can you live with it?

Nice IoT solution. But how long can you live with it?

The real challenge of IoT is not building your solution – it’s living with what you’ve built. In other words, it’s easy enough to create a solution that delivers the goods right now. But what happens when needs change? Or you want to expand into new markets? You might also find that your chosen technology has suddenly become obsolete. Or that maintenance costs are killing profits. It’s like painting yourself into a corner. 

Fortunately, this situation is avoidable. The trick is to choose the right technology to enable your solution and business to evolve. And the right partner to support you throughout the lifecycle of your solution.

IoT - More business than tech

Moving into IoT is not just a technology venture. If that surprises you, you’re not alone. But the fact is, IoT will become a core aspect of your business and influence many facets of your operation. The choice of technology is still a big deal. But just as important is how the solution will be used daily over time; factors like network quality and coverage are vital to efficiency and the customer experience.

Seeing IoT as a business tool clarifies the need to get your solution right from the start, planning for where it will take you and what might change along the way. 

Like any business tool, support is a vital factor in avoiding unexpected costs and customer frustration. It also helps you get to market faster and grow more freely. 

Technology for today and tomorrow

We can’t overstate the importance of the long-term perspective. After all, what’s the point of ten-year battery life if your solution becomes obsolete after five?

Our cellular LPWA technologies – Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) and LTE-M – have been developed specifically for IoT, with benefits such as extended mobile coverage, long battery life and deep penetration. They’re also included as the “Massive IoT” component of the official 5G standards. This means they will continue to be supported and developed long into the future.

Curious about the basics of LPWA? Learn more here.

The keys to long-term success

Telia gives you much more than just connectivity. We’re committed to ensuring your IoT success by supporting you throughout the solution lifecycle.

Get it right from the start 

Together, we’ll create a solution that performs as expected and won’t limit your possibilities.

Launch as planned without headaches

We’ll give you the optimal conditions for a predictable, trouble-free deployment. 

We are unique in our harmonized LPWA network settings throughout the Nordics, which means identical performance across borders and correct device settings out of the box. We make it straightforward to deploy IoT solutions, helping you achieve your desired performance with minimal configuration.

Our LPWA networks give you excellent indoor and underground penetration without the risk of interference from other devices. 

Withstand the test of time

We’ll get your solution up and running in the right timeframe – and make sure it keeps performing to expectations. 

Unscheduled downtime or service visits can impact profitability, not to mention the customer experience. And as IoT is a core aspect of business, the consequences can be serious. With Telia as a partner, you avoid these pitfalls. 

Control and transparency are essential aspects of a consistent solution. Our connectivity platform makes it easy to monitor and manage devices remotely, and OTA security and feature upgrades reduce the need for hands-on maintenance or recalls.

Adapt and grow without barriers

We’ll drive your profitable growth with a solution designed right from the start and built on technology that will be supported into the future. 

Telia LPWA is designed for scalability. With extensive coverage in the Nordic and Baltics,* and NB-IoT roaming agreements in several countries, you can easily expand into new markets.

Why waste time looking for the right technology and business partner? Working with Telia means a cost-effective IoT solution built on robust LPWA technology, with personalised support and the freedom to grow profitably.

Learn more about LPWA

LTE-M is currently available in the Nordics. NB-IoT is available in the Nordics and Baltics

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