Light Systems improved their IoT solutions  with new capabilities
Light Systems improved their IoT solutions  with new capabilities

Light Systems improved their IoT solutions with new capabilities

Upgrading your IoT to new network technologies brings new opportunities for your business and for improving your solutions. Sweden-based Light Systems upgraded from 2G/3G to Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) connectivity. By modernizing the business, Light Systems can now offer easy-to-use and more customer-adaptable solutions.

Light Systems have a long history of providing wireless control solutions for automotive, energy and lighting applications. Today its main area of business is remote control of streetlights. Some of Light System's early IoT solutions were using 2G equipment that had been in active use for over 20 years.  

The introduction of cellular LPWA networks brought new opportunities to offer improved solutions with new capabilities. Light Systems started the upgrade from 2G by assessing their requirements and evaluating different connectivity solutions. They considered a non-cellular option, since Light Systems mostly have stationary use cases, but rejected the idea since it would require an own service organization to manage networks.

"Managing your own infrastructure is not profitable. For us it was far better to collaborate with Telia so we can provide a complete solution, fully managed by professionals in every part," says Leif Edh, CEO of Light Systems. "Telia's experience in this field supported us in migrating our solution to LPWA. They have been more of our collaboration partner rather than a supplier." 

LPWA connectivity brought further opportunities for Light Systems. There is growing demand for solutions that can provide more than switching lighting on and off. For example, the demands include energy monitoring and more sophisticated coordination of lights over wide areas, to counter possible energy shortages and for improving sustainability without compromizing quality of life and safety.

“LPWA allows us to create low-cost measuring and control units that can be built into equipment, allowing us to offer customer adapted solutions that are flexible and easy to use. These will help improve energy efficiency and are a crucial step towards a sustainable society”, says Edh.

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