Is your building's heating ready for this winter?
Is your building's heating ready for this winter?

Is your building's heating ready for this winter?

Building managers across Europe are bracing themselves for a brutal winter of power bills. To soften the impact, many are taking active steps to reduce their buildings’ energy consumption, in part to stop paying for energy that the buildings don't need. Telia's Heating Optimization can support these efforts.

With electricity prices at record highs, there's a fine line between cosy and crazy when it comes to keeping tenants comfortable. Of course they should never feel cold – tenant satisfaction always comes first. But it is difficult to know if the temperature is just that little bit too high. If tenants opened the window a little bit to let some cool air in, they may also have let expensively heated air out. Owners and managers really need a "just-right" approach: not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Telia recently launched Heating Optimization, and below, you can learn a bit more about it.

Apart from finding the "just right" balance, there’s also the matter of heating the parts of the building that people don’t use. Or common living areas that people just pass through and which therefore could easily be a couple of degrees cooler. They're all small things, but they do add up. By automating a building's heating system to adapt to real-time information, it is possible to find the balance between tenant comfort and energy savings.

Real-time indoor climate monitoring provides data on the temperature and humidity in each part of the building. It lets you monitor it on a dashboard to see where to make changes. It lets you analyze patterns over time to generate insights into new savings. But most importantly, it provides a real-time data feed to enable automation and optimizing of the building’s heating systems.

Telia Heating Optimization is an end-to-end IoT solution. Here are a few steps that show you how it works.

  1. Indoor sensors collect temperature and humidity data from throughout the buildingThese are connected via secure cellular IoT connectivity designed especially for reaching deep inside buildings
  2. Data is collected, visualised and analyzed in the Telia IoT Platform
  3. Real-time data is then sent via secure connection to a Telia IoT Edge gateway which is integrated with a heating control system to adjust temperature in each part of your building depending on the relevant information at that time.

Telia Heating Optimization
enables building owners and managers to automate and optimize a building’s heating in real time.

Telia Heating Optimization is retrofittable, which means it can be installed in existing buildings. Battery powered plug-n-play sensors connect wirelessly to make installation simple. As soon as the sensors are activated, they are live on the dashboard. The Telia IoT Edge provides the secure connectivity hub for the heating control system that integrates directly with your heating systems.

The solution has been shown to decrease energy consumption by up to 10 percent from the time of activation. Additional savings can be made over time, as insights based on the data enable better overall energy management and optimization.

If you would like to see Telia Heating Optimization in action, book a demo. You will learn more about the difference that can be made to costs related to heating buildings this winter.

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