12 Predictions for Tomorrow's Connected Enterprise
12 Predictions for Tomorrow's Connected Enterprise

12 Predictions for Tomorrow's Connected Enterprise

For enterprises and organizations all over the world, few could have predicted that the biggest disruptor of our time would be less than 100 nanometers wide. COVID-19 has not only disrupted our ways of working and living; it has also greatly accelerated digitalization changes that were already underway. Now, Telia has released a new report that looks at what the next 10 years holds as digitalization moves from changing the way we do things – to changing what we do.

We are very much at an inflection point” says Magnus Fahlgren, Brand Insight Manager, Group Insight & Foresight at Telia. Whereas digitalization has been happening gradually over recent years – changing the ways organizations do things without really changing their core – we are now at the point where IT, cloud and communication technologies have largely converged. This has created a platform for rapid and far-reaching transformation. Add to this the fact that COVID-19 has leap-frogged digitalization from the early adopter stage to the mainstream; and we are about to enter the era of the great acceleration."

The report, titled Tomorrow’s Connected Enterprise: 12 Predictions for where we’re headed, outlines 12 bite-sized predictions for enterprises and organizations. These cover everything from cyber security and organizational agility to sustainability and end-user experiences. It is based on interviews with experts from Telia as well as thought leaders from Ericsson, Lindex, Cygate, Stora Enso and others.

You can download the full report here or jump to the prediction that interests you most.

#1        The future is hyper-automated
#2        Every point of connectivity will be business-critical

#3        Platforms and ecosystems will replace industries and value chains
#4        Plug-n-playability will become a key advantage

#5        Risk ratings will soon be as important as credit ratings
#6        Trusting no one will be the only way to trust anyone

#7        Scale on tap will change the game
#8        Defining the secret sauce will be critical

#9        Most experiences will disappear
#10      Milliseconds will be deal-breakers

#11      Net zero needs more than good intentions
#12      You can’t take clean steps with dirty footprints

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