Zinkgruvan Mine gets its own cellular network – 1km underground
Zinkgruvan Mine gets its own cellular network – 1km underground

Zinkgruvan Mine gets its own cellular network – 1km underground

Enterprise mobile networks offer companies a high-performance digitalisation platform built specifically for them – even in the hardest-to-reach places.

48 kilometres of transport routes and tunnels will be fully self-sufficient to a depth of 1300 metres, independent of Telia's regular network, functionality and technology above ground. Telia will supply a customised mobile network to Zinkgruvan Mining, which extends over 48 kilometers of transport routes and tunnels down to a depth of 1300 metres. The mobile network is designed for very high performance, reliability and accessibility and will be a platform for digitalisation and streamlining of Zinkgruvan Mining's operations.

"To be able to operate as safely and efficiently as possible, we want to automate and remotely control production to a greater extent," says Zinkgruvan Mining CEO Staffan Sandström. "In order for this to be possible, high capacity, accessibility and a communication network are required, which must not have any interruptions. At the same time, we need a digital platform with flexible solutions to match the pace of change in our company. The new solution will offers all of this."

Telia's solution ensures a robust network with high accessibility, enabling the development of IoT solutions, improved staff location, push-to-talk for down-mine communication and remote control and location of machines. The solution is based on dedicated capacity from licensed 4G frequencies that are ready to scale up to 5G for future needs.

"We are pleased to be able to launch Sweden's first dedicated mobile network for autonomous production, together with Zinkgruvan Mining,"  says Anna Rydergren, Head of Corporate Business, Telia Sweden. "With a customised mobile network, automation and management of massive data volumes are possible with a guaranteed connection for critical applications. This service is important in creating new value ​​for the industrial sector, and is a step towards 5G."

About Zinkgruvan Mining
The operation, which has a turnover SEK 2 billion per year, mines minerals and produces metals that are necessary for the development of modern society. The business consists of an enrichment plant and a mine and is driven forward by 420 employees. Zinkgruvan Mining is part of the international group Lundin Mining, which has 4,500 employees and operations on three continents.

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