Who runs the world? Event analysis of "Tjejmilen"
Who runs the world? Event analysis of "Tjejmilen"

Who runs the world? Event analysis of "Tjejmilen"

How many people really engaged in Tjejmilen? Telia Crowd Insights uses anonymised movement data to give us the real numbers.

On August 31st the annual run “Tjejmilen”, took place for the 36th time in Stockholm. “Tjejmilen” is Sweden’s largest sporting event targeting women. This year approximately 20 000 women had signed up for the 10K run, or one of the parallel runs happening during the day. The first group of runners started at 1 pm on the fields of Gärdet where the start and finish are situated.

Get the real numbers 

It was a lovely day in Stockholm and a lot of people came out to cheer and watch the runners do their best. But how many people were actually there? And where did they come from?

By anonymizing and analyzing the movement data that our mobile network generates each day, Telia Crowd Insights is able to provide information on where groups of people gather, where they go to and come from.

At “Tjejmilen” for example, it gives us the possibility to see where people travelled from (see the map above) and measure the real number of people attending, including the cheering crowds and interested onlookers. In the diagram we can see that the amount of people at Gärdet peaked between 12 and 13, just before the first runners got going, adding up to nearly 30 000 people at that time.

The perks of event insights 

When it comes to event analyses, understanding where the crowds come from before the event and what hours the crowds peak at gives the event organizers a tool to follow up on events in whole new ways. They get a better overview of the popularity of the event and these results also provide important information guiding future event planning. Everything from public transportation and targeted marketing for the event to services such as toilets and security can be planned to be more accurate and efficient. A great way to stop guessing and start using data from real behavior.

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