Telia launches 5G network in largest shopping mall in the Nordics
Telia launches 5G network in largest shopping mall in the Nordics

Telia launches 5G network in largest shopping mall in the Nordics

The Mall of Tripla in Helsinki is the first shopping centre in Europe to connect customers, shops and entrepreneurs with 5G.

5G technology is extremely well suited for malls, stadiums and other locations gathering large crowds of users. The technology offers faster connections and more capacity to customers and caters opportunities to create enhanced user experiences for entrepreneurs and service providers.

Telia’s mobile networks at the mall represent the latest 5G technology. Internal coverage at the mall is built with small cell base stations that bring the connections closer to users. Small cells, with their compact coverage area, offer the low latency and increased capacity of 5G with lower power and energy consumption.

”Mall of Tripla is an excellent example of building a modern smart city: the digital infrastructure has been on the drawing board right from the start together with the more traditional infrastructure of the complex. To us it was clear that the mall, which will also host our future Helsinki headquarters ​were at the top of the list in our 5G roll-out program,” says Janne Koistinen, 5G Program Director, Telia Finland.

”Mall of Tripla is the largest mall in Scandinavia, and with its meticulously planned concept and new innovations it is a real forerunner. We naturally wanted that the Mall of Tripla represents state of the art technological solutions right from the opening day, and the fast 5G network is an example of that,” says Kati Kivimäki, Managing Director, Mall of Tripla.

“We are proud to be partnering with Telia in bringing smart city projects such as this 5G-enabled shopping center to life. Many exciting possibilities for consumers and enterprises lie ahead and visitors of The Mall of Tripla will get a glimpse at the future of retail experiences,” says Ari Kynäslahti, Head of Mobile Networks Product Management, Nokia.

Flagship store and Telia's new home in Helsinki
Telia has opened a new flagship store in Mall of Tripla, and in Q1/2020 the site will also accommodate Telia Finland’s headquarters. The Mall of Tripla store is Finland’s largest Telia Shop, designed for all kinds of customer interaction.

The store includes a large lounge area, where customers can relax in front of Telia TV. There is a multifunction area for events, service points for Telia Help and business customers and a Telia Esports Series section.

During the opening weekend, Telia’s newly launched 5G subscriptions and devices will be displayed in the store along other new products and services.

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