Telia first with 5G-roaming in the Nordics
Telia first with 5G-roaming in the Nordics

Telia first with 5G-roaming in the Nordics

Telia customers from Finland, Norway and Sweden can now roam, i.e. use their mobile phone while travelling abroad, between the 5G-networks that Telia is building in those countries. To use the service, customers need a 5G-ready subscription and smartphone and they need to be in an area where there is 5G-coverage.

“Travelling is currently limited due to Corona. But this is about laying the groundwork for the future and we have now taken an important first step by launching 5G-roaming between Finland, Norway and Sweden. We want to be able to offer our customers the best possible customer experience, regardless of which country they visit,” says Thomas Moe, Head of Roaming at Telia Company.

Telia will continue to expand 5G-roaming to Denmark, Estonia and Lithuania, as commercial 5G-services becomes available in those countries.

The company is also in dialogue with several international operators to establish bilateral 5G-roaming, which means Telia customers travelling abroad to other countries will be able to enjoy local 5G-coverage, and visitors to the Nordics and Baltics can connect to Telia’s 5G-networks in the region.

Thomas Moe explains: “The Nordics and Baltics are known to be at the technical forefront and Telia has extensive mobile networks across the region. 5G deployment will grow over time and throughout the world. This is a true technology shift that will bring completely new experiences to travelers.”    

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