Telia and Ponsse: Transforming forestry with data
Telia and Ponsse: Transforming forestry with data
Telia and Ponsse: Transforming forestry with data

Telia and Ponsse: Transforming forestry with data

Ponsse is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of forest machines, with operation in 40 countries and on a mission to enable sustainable logging through customer-centered innovation. For that to be achieved, Ponsse needed to connect its machines and devices — and did it with Telia IoT Connectivity. Now, Ponsse can connect IoT devices all around the world, with a stable connection.

Noora Komulainen, IT Specialist at Ponsse, says Telia was able to offer a ready solution that had been widely tested and was working, and that was exactly what Ponsse needed.

"By connecting our forest machines, we have better control of, for example, the necessary maintenance to our machinery and can offer our customers sustainable, future-proof, and updatable solutions. With global IoT connectivity from Telia, we have easier management interfaces and APIs for providing data, as well as receiving reliable connectivity in remote locations across the world,” she says. “All that, and that we can use one single connectivity provider, enable us to run more streamlined operations. With the SIM cards we have more streamlined logistics, since we can get large batches of SIMs directly to our technology company Epec, which provides us with the connectivity modules.” 

Ponsse was founded in 1970, has 2 000 employees and operates in 40 countries — but all machines are designed and manufactured in Vieremä, Finland, at the company’s four-hectare factory. Today, the company has become data-native, meaning that Ponsse offers a wide range of reporting and data-API services to its customers — adding value to logging and forestry companies’ daily business and eliminating the costly effects of unplanned maintenance and other disruptions. 

The machines are connected via Epec 6200 Remote Access Unit equipped with Telia IoT Connectivity, enabling the data flows which in turn are realized as digital services. Then, Ponsse works in close collaboration with customers to ensure that their needs are met. 

“The value of the data that comes from connecting Ponsse’s machines via our connectivity units is undeniable,” Noora Komulainen says. “The resulting service development solves actual customer problems. Connectivity is the enabler as it allows machine data to be transferred to the Ponsse Cloud Platform. With the data provided, our customers can also work more efficiently in the sustainability area."

Staffan Eriksson, Senior IoT Portfolio Manager at Telia, says that IoT is no longer a niche technology, but rather a key enabling technology for the digitalization of the world.  

“We are now entering a new era, where companies are being transformed by the data they can gather and the values that they can create from that data. They become data-native,” he says. “We have seen previously that global companies are facing a fragmented landscape of technologies, multiple operators, and increased security demands. With Telia IoT Connectivity, we can now remove those challenges.” 

Read more about Telia's reward winning global IoT connectivity here.    

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