Telia’s mobile network ranked best in Sweden once again
Telia’s mobile network ranked best in Sweden once again

Telia’s mobile network ranked best in Sweden once again

After weeks of measuring and evaluating Sweden’s mobile network operators, world-leading independent benchmarking company Umlaut (formerly P3) has concluded that Telia's network is best in Sweden - for the fourth year in a row. With 939 points out of 1000, Telia lands in the top spot and wins all three measurement categories - voice, data and crowd.

Umlaut, formerly known as P3, is a world-leading company for independent quality tests of mobile networks around the world. In their Mobile Benchmark 2020, they have once again named Telia's mobile network the best in Sweden. For the fourth year in a row, Umlaut has tested the network quality by traveling over 1,000 km by car between Ystad in the south and Luleå in the north. In addition to the physical measurement of voice and data, there is also a "Crowd-source quality" category which is based on measurements via various apps in Swedes' mobile phones. These measurements cover 97 percent of the populated areas of Sweden.

“Umlaut's rankings are a very important stamp of approval as they are completely independent and consider the customer experience, regardless of whether you talk, surf or use apps. We are extremely proud to once again get the first place, not least this year when a fast and stable connection has proved to be more important than ever. We are now investing billions more in our mobile network in order to be ready for the connected lives of the future,” says Anders Olsson, Head of Telia Sweden.

Umlaut evaluates the actual customer experience when using mobile services in both smaller and larger cities, as well as along the roads. All three categories are scored according to several different parameters, ranging from call quality to watching YouTube and downloading files. Telia lands in the top spot in all three categories and wins the ranking with a total of 939 points out of a possible 1000.

Hakan Ekmen, CEO Telecommunication at Umlaut, says:
“Congratulations to Telia for being awarded Best-in-Test. Adding something on top, Telia is the best operator in all categories with a very good overall score of 939 points. Our Umlaut Mobile Benchmark is the de-facto industry standard, fairly and transparently assessing the global digital infrastructure.”

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