Telia’s data contribute to better visitor experiences in Denmark
Telia’s data contribute to better visitor experiences in Denmark
Telia’s data contribute to better visitor experiences in Denmark

Telia’s data contribute to better visitor experiences in Denmark

A nationwide platform for tourism data is set to sharpen insights for decision-makers in the Danish tourism industry, enable better knowledge sharing and increase competitiveness. The new platform, filled with different data sources, is at the center of an agreement between the project’s technology partner, program development and consultancy company NTT Data Business Solutions, and tourism company Visit Denmark.

The agreement is the result of a 12-month collaboration between Telia, Visit Denmark, Danish Coastal and Nature Tourism and NTT Data Business Solutions.

Telia has, together with NTT Data Business Solutions, entered into a two-year agreement with Visit Denmark, which markets Denmark as a travel destination. Telia will provide anonymous and aggregated movement data from the mobile network to enable new insights and better planning and decision-making when it comes to travel patterns and expected behavior of visitors.

"Visit Denmark has always emphasized using solid data about tourists and their preferences as the basis for the initiatives we offer to Danish tourism. The new data platform is a digital leap forward in terms of developing and converting data into relevant knowledge and current insights. This will mean stronger products and solutions throughout the value chain and give Danish tourism unique opportunities to continuously optimize both development activities and marketing to market needs."

Jan Olsen, CEO Visit Denmark

The data platform, which is named Momenttum, is unique: While there are other tourism projects in Europe that seek to improve data availability and collaboration across the industry, none of them have the level of ambition, speed or prevalence as the Danish platform. In essence, destination companies and their partners will be able to more efficiently share and reuse data, knowledge and insights. This applies, for example, to insights about tourists' consumption, demand, movement patterns and travel motives or knowledge about sustainability and buying patterns.

"A strong tourism industry is important for the Danish economy, says Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Morten Bødskov. “Therefore, we must continuously focus on making Danish tourism competitive so that it continues to contribute to creating growth and jobs in the countryside and in the cities. We will work with innovative solutions such as the Momentum platform for tourism data, so that we ensure that all players in the industry have access to the necessary knowledge and data that can be used to support our common goals of sustainable growth in Danish tourism. I look forward to the platform being rolled out across the country's tourism organizations so that it can contribute to the work of creating a world-class tourism industry."

Visit Denmark Telia Crowd Insights

The right time and combination to develop the tourism sector

Visit Denmark states that 2022 was an extraordinary year for Danish tourism as the country made an unusual comeback from the coronavirus pandemic, with 62.7 million commercial overnight stays, corresponding to almost 12 per cent more than the last record year of 2019. 

Telia owns and operates the largest digital infrastructure in the Nordics and Baltics. This generates the data for the solution Telia Crowd Insights. With 30 to 40-percent population coverage, the dataset is extrapolated to cover the full population, providing accurate data and meaningful, location-specific insights. 

Telia Crowd Insights for Tourism & Events

“We’re proud to be able to support and contribute to raising the bar for Danish tourism,” says Claus Jelle, Sales and Business Development Manager, Telia Denmark. “The data we provide is the most efficient and trustworthy way to make decisions, allowing you to see movement patterns that other methods can’t detect. We look forward to achieving great things with Visit Denmark and the other partners in this project.”

The new data platform provides access to handle large amounts of different data while also ensuring responsible processing. For example, personally identifiable data will not be allowed in the platform. Overall, the ambition of the data platform is to increase the competitiveness of Danish tourism and enable sustainable growth based on data-based new insights about tourists. Travel and destination companies and organizations across Denmark will use the platform. 

Each destination company can then get a more current and sharper picture of tourism at a specific destination. It is up to the individual destination organization to strategically use the data for the greatest possible value at a local level, and to compare its own results to a national average for benchmarks.
Inspiring sustainability and local initiatives

One such company, Wonderful Copenhagen, says that in addition to the new insights and efficiency gains, there are great expectations on the platform when it comes to sustainability.  

"Data is crucial in our work to influence the behavior of city tourists through our marketing, so that we can create sustainable tourism development in interaction with citizens and local actors. With the support of Danish City Tourism, we are already using data to optimize the socio-economic benefits of high-consumption business travelers and international cultural tourists, and now we look forward to getting even more data from the new platform out to work locally."

The platform is the result of the project Destination:Digital, which began on Rømø in southern Denmark and was later rolled out to destination companies along the entire Danish west coast by Visit Denmark, Danish Coastal and Nature Tourism and the project technology partner NTT Data Business Solutions.
In the long term, the platform can be extended to other industries.

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