Society and digitalization: Telia at major national events
Society and digitalization: Telia at major national events

Society and digitalization: Telia at major national events

Telia Company demonstrated its thought leadership and solutions at two major, national events for representatives in business and politics this summer – the Swedish Almedalen week and the Norwegian equivalent Arendalsuka.

The Almedalen event is a unique opportunity for Telia to show its solutions and capabilities where a better society is the focus. During the week, officials, decision makers and organizations gather to take part in discussions and forward-looking solutions.

Telia contributed with its offering Smart Buildings and the solution Telia Travel Emission Insights, which is part of the Crowd Insights offering. In June, Telia sent out a press release demonstrating that the “pandemic effect”, a record reduction in the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions in Swedish municipalities, is over and that Telia's data now show the reduction has stopped and emissions are increasing. With this as the backdrop, Telia showed how municipalities can measure its own emissions.

The case for Smart Buildings is equally highly relevant. IoT and the use of data insights can enable more effective and sustainable operations, a healthier indoor climate and a better, more secure tenant experience.

Moreover, buildings account for 40 percent of all energy used in cities and 36 percent of the CO2 emissions. Smarter, connected buildings are key when comes to making cities greener and to reach the environmental goals in the UN’s Agenda 2030. But even though the technical solutions are available, the implementation of them are moving slowly. Ragnhild Franson Blom, Marketing Manager for IoT Industry Offerings, explains that the real-estate industry is a slow starter when it comes to digitalization.

“The majority of real estate owners do of course see the many positive aspects of IoT and digitalizing. But they don’t know where or how to start”, she says “Therefore, we can truly establish Telia as an important digitalization partner, supporting them on their smart building journey from start to scaling, and all the important steps in between.  Such a partnership is something the industry has expressed that it really needs. Almedalen was a fantastic arena to meet with stakeholders as well as showcasing our smart building monitoring services and coming heating optimization service, which enables customers to control and reduce their heating energy consumption by ten percent. We showed how Telia, together with our customers and partners in the ecosystem, can ramp up the pace of digitalization for smarter and more sustainable buildings and cities.”

Malin Selander, Telia Sweden's Head of Communications, was also on site in Almedalen. 

"In Almedalen, it is not only important for us to talk about digitalization opportunities. It is also important to show how we at Telia, work to ensure that digitalization contributes to safe and sustainable development," she says. "It is fantastic to be there and see how we, in the Telia family, together create value for customers, partners and society at large."

Norway had its own version of Almedalen, which is called Arendalsuka. Tom Henriksen, Sales and Business Development Manager at Division X in Norway, says: "In Norway, a number of municipalities are using Travel Emission Insights, and we took part in a public discussion about the use of data in areas such as climate, tourism, emergency preparedness and urban planning."

Division X’s Lars Helge Richter Strand, also Sales and Business Development Manager, says the focus during Arendalsuka was on the municipalities’ challenges and on Telia's data can help.

“CO2 emissions is of course such a challenge, and next year Norwegian municipalities will be required to report its own levels. Part of the solution here is to use Telia’s data to look at actual emissions from municipalities’ vehicles. Such data will be a strong contributor to the municipalities’ climate efforts," Strand says. 

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