Naughty BRGR uses crowd data to choose restaurant location
Naughty BRGR uses crowd data to choose restaurant location

Naughty BRGR uses crowd data to choose restaurant location

Naughty BRGR has eight restaurants across Finland as well as a retail line in supermarkets. When they want to find the best locations to open new restaurants; they use Telia Crowd Insights to show where they can get the best ROI. 

“Naughty’s mission is to bring out the naughty side of people and create experiences that shake up everyday life,” says Lars Oehlandt, CEO of Naughty Group. “There are a lot of good locations on offer right now. But it is important to understand whether the area is growing and how customer demographics are changing, compared to say, a couple of years ago”.

To gain the data they needed to make an informed decision, Naughty Brgr used Telia Crowd Insights. This is a service that uses anonymized movement data from mobile networks to reveal crowd movement patterns. 

With Telia Crowd Insights we can analyze people flows by segment and see where our target market moves at different times of the day, week or year. This is information we need to select the best restaurant locations”, says Oehlandt.

While shopping malls have traditionally received good information about visitors, no similar data has been available on the flow of people moving in the city center or suburbs. Now these data sources are easily comparable in the same service. 

"The service allows us to analyze people flows by segment and see where the right target groups for us are moving." 
- Lars Oehlandt, CEO, Naughty Group


In addition, Naughty BRGR intends to leverage the insights from the Telia service to understand where their target market can best be reached and look, for example, at how the data can be used for out of home advertising, such as bus stop signage. 


According to, Tiia Palvimo , expert in Telia Crowd Insights, Naughty BRGR has been moving fast in using the data: “They had a clearly identified need, for which an answer was sought in the data. This is a good example of knowledge management - maybe that's the secret to the chain's success.”

“In discussions with Telia, it became clear that this is exactly the understanding we need: not a one-time consultation, but a clear everyday service that can be accessed at any time,” Oehlandt adds.  

According to Oehlandt, the introduction of the service was a smooth process that began with providing Telia with the addresses of comparable companies and its own offices. They were assembled to meet the needs of Naughty BRGR. “I got the IDs for the service and the next day an hour of user training was held. A clear and well-built interface directly supports business management - its use does not require any deeper system understanding. ” 


Oehlandt sees broad value for retail companies whose physical location can determine their success. “If a company needs to be where customers are moving, this type of data with an easy-to-use dashboard is essential for business.”

In addition to restaurants, shopping malls and shops ranging from large chains to small shops also benefit from the data. “Sustainable growth and conquering the market requires knowledge. We have a ready-made service that allows you to view any area in the Nordics or Estonia to understand the possibilities of different locations. The service is suitable also for smaller players, as its use does not require large administrative resources,” Palvimo says.

Challenge: Naughty BRGR receives a lot of offers for new retail spaces all over Finland. The choice of the location of the restaurants, as well as their optimization and marketing, was to be based on data.

Solution: With Telia Crowd Insights for Retail, Naughty BRGR can analyze the flow of people in the area and use the information to select restaurant locations, arrange home deliveries and optimize marketing.

Benefits: Data on crowd movements can be viewed and compared by segment and by day or season. The clear dashboard interface is easy to use and supports corporate decision making. 

Image courtesy of Naughty BRGR

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