Making transport smarter and greener
Making transport smarter and greener

Making transport smarter and greener

Telia Connected Vehicle makes vehicle and fleet management more efficient and reduces fuel consumption and emissions

Telia Connected Vehicle is built on their Fältcom platform that was originally developed and proven in the Public Transport industry. As well as providing “out of the box” features, it is also an open platform that enables transport and logistics operators to consolidate their own and 3rd party applications.

”Several logistics and service companies, such as Neste, have been involved in the development of the new service”, says Kalle Mehtola, head of IoT sales at Telia Finland. “We aim to create completely new types of services for the industry, simultanerously enhancing operations and saving both operational costs and the environment”.

New network technologies, like 5G, will enable new intelligent solutions in e.g. trucks and warehouses. Telia Connected Vehicle provides a vendor-independent IoT ecosystem for the optimisation of heavy traffic. In trucks connected to the service, each driver will have one display in the cabin, making it possible for them to monitor in real time the truck’s fuel consumption and receive different type of information regarding the vehicle and traffic information. This information will also be shared in real time with their operation center to enable optimised fleet management.

”Monitoring has led to saving as much as ten liters of fuel per one hundred kilometers, so the cost savings are considerable. At the same time, the environmental burden is reduced,” says Mehtola.

New services are brought to logistics operators through the comprehensive service ecosystem. The majority of services provided by Telia are IoT-based and can be updated over the cloud. Deployment is easy and simple.

”Telia’s strengths lie in data transmission and handling, and digitalizing our clients’ operations is a part of our core business. The logistics sector has huge possibilities for new innovation, and development projects are taken forward now at a great speed in close cooperation with top operators in the business,” Mehtola sums up.

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