Industrial VR powered by Telia 5G
Industrial VR powered by Telia 5G

Industrial VR powered by Telia 5G

Telia and Varjo share a vision to transform experiences

What began as mutual interest and a quick greeting between Varjo and Telia at the industry event Stockholm Tech Fest in September 2019 has now become a common vision. It is a vision with both a technical and a social aspect: a wireless future with 5G at the core and a profoundly enhanced user experience for people at work. Or, as Varjo co-founder and CTO Urho Konttori puts it: “Varjo and Telia share a vision where immersive computing is one of the most important future use cases for 5G, and where 5G and mobile communications have transformative power across industries.”

Undoubtedly, professionals will move away from flat screens and from crouching in front of laptops towards a setting that is freer and more expressive, yet still effective. Varjo makes this new setting possible by merging virtual (VR), augmented (AR) and traditional realities to create a fully immersive working environment. ”When we’re ’done’, Konttori says, ”professionals will have kept the realism of their physical surroundings and gained the complete flexibility of the virtual world”.

While AR, VR and mixed reality (MR) solutions traditionally have required large amount of processing power in a specific and permanent location, the arrival of 5G and edge computing make these solutions truly mobile – without compromising neither the quality nor the performance. Varjo’s range of AR, VR and MR products targets even the most demanding business customers, such as leading automobile manufacturers. Furthermore, Varjo just announced the next generation of virtual reality headsets with “human-eye resolution,” or extremely sharp imagery, for enterprise, medical, design, and engineering applications.

“Varjo is unique in its ability to enable XR with such high quality that it can be used to simulate virtually anything,” Konttori says. “Our products are already used by car manufacturers to design the cars of the future, by the aviation industry to teach potential pilots to fly, by air forces to save lives and by astronauts to train for going into space. These are the most demanding use cases made possible with Varjo’s mixed and virtual reality devices – but the next stretch of our journey will be to make the technology available to all professionals.”

It is a vision that Telia believes in and is investing in through their venture capital investment unit, "Telia Ventures". The timing is right, too. The transition of the VR, AR and MR industry into the wireless era is clearly underway, as headsets become mobile and computing and data move to the cloud. More and more industry sectors and customer segments will discover the solutions – and the subsequent and inevitable change in user behavior will further boost growth in this area. To ensure the quality and efficiency of remote work for industrial professionals, the quality and performance of the headsets are in the very highest demand. 

Of course, businesses and organizations are also increasingly aware of their environmental footprints and in addition, working remotely has become commonplace following the Coronavirus pandemic. 

“Varjo produces the world’s most advanced headsets and have worked with some of the most trusted industry experts,” says Head of Telia Ventures Heikki Mäkijärvi. “Clearly, Varjo is the market leader when it comes to industrial-grade VR, AR and MR. At the same time, we both share the passion for innovation and for serving our customers above and beyond. We both believe in making technology humane – in making it easy to use.”

Both partners are now set to do just that – to go above and beyond. “Telia Ventures is a respected and well-renowned venture capital investor, while Telia as a whole is a 5G mindset leader,” Konttori says.  ”Working in a real-world environment with these domain experts opens up unprecedented opportunities for us to develop better and faster for the future. We are honored to have Telia as an investor on our journey to revolutionizing immersive computing".

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