How “Working-from-Boat” became part of the new normal
How “Working-from-Boat” became part of the new normal

How “Working-from-Boat” became part of the new normal

It became clear in the early days of the Pandemic, that 9-to-5 offices were no longer a necessity. People found they were just as effective working from their homes and holiday houses. But why stop there? Finnish company Buster Boats had a platform that could keep people connected when they were out at sea. It was a pivotal moment for Buster Q.

The Nordic archipelagos have almost half a million islands where leisure boaters can drop anchor and enjoy the beauty. Buster Q is a digital platform designed to keep them connected while they’re doing it. As well as enabling digital navigation, it connects the boat’s essential systems to an onboard display to show what’s happening in real time. This is complemented by a mobile app to let boat owners check the status of their boat from anywhere.

As well as up-to-date weather information, infotainment and music streaming; Buster Q also acts as a WiFi hotspot. This opened up new opportunities for leisure boaters to turn their boats into floating offices in the world’s most beautiful archipelagos. The challenge that Buster Boats faced, was to keep the Buster Q platforms connected even in the offshore islands.  

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"When you’re out here, reach and reliability are very important”, says Johan Finnberg, Marketing Manager of Buster Boats. “The weather can change quickly, and you need to know that the forecast you are looking at is up to date. So you really need to be able to trust your connection.

The same is true when I’m working from the boat. With Buster Q’s connected hotspot, I can take ‘working-from-home’ right out here, to the outer reaches of the archipelago. Then I can cast anchor, answer some emails, go for a swim – it really is the best of both worlds. But I really need to stay connected so I don’t miss any important emails.

That’s why we chose Telia as our connectivity partner for Buster Q. Telia has the reach and reliability we need. Not just here in the Finnish archipelagos, but in Sweden and Norway as well where we are one of the leading boat brands.”

As a result of years of investment in mobile towers and cellular infrastructure, Telia has the broadest cellular IoT network across the Nordics and Baltics. This means they can provide connectivity in places where no one else can. This is becoming increasingly important as the new normal becomes… normal.

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