City of Helsingborg uses Telia Crowd Insights to understand visitors during 35-day event
City of Helsingborg uses Telia Crowd Insights to understand visitors during 35-day event

City of Helsingborg uses Telia Crowd Insights to understand visitors during 35-day event

Swedish city Helsingborg’s international innovation fair, the H22 City Expo, drew around a million visitors, and Telia’s Crowd Insights made it possible to understand their choices and movements for more sustainable city and event planning in the future.

The H22 City Expo went on for 35 days and was focused on creating a smart, innovative and sustainable city. It attracted a diverse range of visitors, including different industry representatives and visionaries, curious residents, urban planners, innovators, tourists, and others – all coming together “to explore how to create a more sustainable, resilient and thoughtful city”.

Figures from Telia’s Crowd Insights show that the main areas of the expo had a total of around one million visits between May 30 and July 3. The figures are preliminary –additional data will be collected and analyzed during the fall to present the final results.

During the expo, the European Innovation Council’s launched an innovation network, a high-profile UN conference was held and one of the world’s most innovative universities, MIT, was on site to work with Helsingborg in developing smart city solutions. The visitors could also enjoy food, concerts, and cultural experiences across the city.

People from more than 45 countries and half of Sweden’s municipalities visited H22 to discuss and drive the work to develop sustainable cities and achieving the Global Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

I am proud and overwhelmed by the commitment shown by city employees and residents during these 35 days,” says Peter Danielsson, Mayor of Helsingborg. “H22 City Expo has been a great success that has bolstered Helsingborg's position as one of Europe's most innovative cities. The expo has created and strengthened relations for Helsingborg’s continued work thanks to successful collaborations with the business community, associations, civil society, and academia. We have hosted the UN, the EU, and international cities and universities, proving that Helsingborg is a springboard for the future. Now we are setting our sights on a climate-neutral Helsingborg by 2030 and using the power and momentum that H22 has created.”

Jan Björklund, Vice Chairman of the Helsingborg [TS1] Municipal Executive Committee, says: “Cities all over the world are currently grappling with the challenge of how to create a sustainable city with a high level of welfare and quality of life for all. H22 City Expo has shone a light on the necessary innovation work that is being done around the world and has given us as a city the opportunity to learn and be inspired by others. Helsingborg has come a long way, but if we are to successfully handle the global transition, we need to inspire and challenge each other across boundaries.”

Soraya Axelsson, Head of H22, says she wants to thank everyone involved, and the entire city of Helsingborg.

“We really want to thank the city employees, partners, many stakeholders, and everyone else who has in some way contributed to an unforgettable city expo. We have been able to highlight all the ambitious work being done in Helsingborg while also exploring the innovative and creative solutions from colleagues around the country and the world. There have been meetings, conferences, music, entertainment, exhibitions and cultural events. the list is long. And the amazing thing is that none of this could have happened without the fantastic development and innovation work that we have pursued together in the Helsingborg Group and with our many partners. This is no ordinary event. This is a three-year movement that has been manifested over the course of 35 days.”

H22 Telia Crowd Insights

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