Always connected — always safe
Always connected — always safe
Always connected — always safe

Always connected — always safe

Sensorem’s smartwatch with safety alarm increases freedom for older people. With Telia’s connectivity the smartwatches are reliably connected, working both indoors and outdoors everywhere in the world, and Sensorem’s business operations are made easier and more efficient.

The new era of elderly care 

Today, we live longer than ever before, and the number of people over 80 is expected to more than double in our region in the coming 15 years. This increases the need for more resources and staff in elderly care, which is something that many countries already struggle with. Since 2019, the Stockholm-based company Sensorem is on a mission to transform the elderly care industry through user-friendly digitalization.  

”New technology and modern connectivity have the potential to revolutionize the traditional elderly care. Older persons are often excluded when we talk about digitalization, when in reality there are many possibilities to help them and their relatives with modern solutions,” says CEO Bobo Delemark, who co-founded Sensorem as he saw his aging grandparents become more dependent on others as their health declined. 

”I saw possibilities in developing an alternative to the traditional safety alarms for older people – an IoT device with multiple smart functions, but still easy to use for people with no or limited digital skills. It was also important to develop a product that could be connected and used everywhere, even outdoors.” Bobo Delemark says. 

Since Sensorem launched their smartwatch for seniors – with features such as safety alarm, GPS tracker, inactivity alarm, voice calls and medication reminder – both individuals and elderly care providers have gained interest in the product. The smartwatch is sold directly to older persons or their relatives, but Sensorem has also started partnerships with municipalities all over Sweden. 

”We provide a comprehensive service that improves quality of life for older people, by enabling them to be more independent, active, and hopefully live at home for a longer time. In addition, their families can feel safe knowing that they will receive an alarm if something happens, and that they can call their relative through the watch at any time,” Bobo Delemark explains.  


Minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency 

Sensorem initially connected the devices with SIM cards from a third-party provider. But as the business grew, they wanted to partner up with a large telecom operator. With Telia Managed IoT Connectivity, Sensorem’s smartwatches can receive and automatically send data, SMS and voice calls via 4G, also known as LTE technology. 

”Telia is truly an enabler of digitalization. Telia has the best and most stable connection, which is important as we have customers living in the countryside or in remote areas. And that the devices remain connected, can ultimately be the difference between life and death for our customers,” Bobo Delemark says. 

Now the smartwatches are reliably connected all over Sweden, as well as in the rest of the Nordics and Europe, and other selected countries that Sensorem’s customers tend to visit. 

“The possibility to have country-specific settings also minimizes the risk of fraud. In general, Telia’s solutions gives us security, stability, and efficiency. Thanks to the automated process and the great service, we have minimized our time spent on managing connectivity and SIM cards.” 

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Supported growth and development 

With Telia Managed IoT Connectivity, Sensorem has a scalable solution that allows them to easily expand the business with more customers and more markets. And with the fast digitalization in mind, Sensorem has high aims for the future. 

”Our whole society is moving towards an even more digitized future, with more connected gadgets, and nothing indicates that elderly care will be the only industry to remain disconnected. Digitalization in general, and IoT solutions in particular, can make the job easier and more effective for elderly care providers, which enables our society to manage the challenges of an aging population,” Bobo Delemark says. 

Sensorem Smartwatch

Besides growing the business, Sensorem is working on developing their product even further. A complex software function that will recognize the relation between fall height and speed is being developed. This means that the smartwatch will be able to detect and alarm if the user falls. Bobo Delemark explains: 

”It is a unique and important function, as fall accidents cause many injuries and deaths among older persons. We will continue to explore more smart functions, for example that connects the smartwatch to home sensors — all to help older people and their families feel safe in their everyday life.” 

Want to learn more about Managed IoT Connectivity? Or want to see it in action for yourself? Let's connect, contact us here.

5 key benefits of Managed IoT Connectivity for Sensorem 

  1. Increased safety and quality of life for Sensorem’s elderly customers and their relatives, with reliable connectivity wherever the customers go. 
  2. Maximized resource efficiency thanks to a custom-made and advantageous package, including the amount of data, SMS and voice calls that meets Sensorem’s needs. 
  3. Minimized time spent on managing connectivity and SIM cards through an automated process and the easy-to-use Telia IoT platform. 
  4. Possibility to make quick adjustments and solve any problems fast, thanks to a personal point of contact and a flexible team at Telia. 
  5. Easy expansion with a scalable solution and stable, secure connectivity that works everywhere. 

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