Telia Indoor Climate Monitoring lets fine-tune the air quality and temperature in your building and create a more comfortable and productive climate. It also lets you know which rooms are being used right now so you can make the most out of your premises.


When the temperature and air quality in the room is perfect, nobody notices. But if it starts getting too hot or too cold – or if CO2 levels start making it stuffy – it affects people’s comfort, concentration and productivity. If people are exposed to bad air quality for extended periods, it can also contribute to health problems. 

With Telia Indoor Climate Monitoring; we help both building managers and tenants to monitor the climate inside their building in real time. So they can fine-tune in real time to improve things before anyone even notices. 

real-time monitoring:

  • temperature
  • humidity 
  • VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • CO2
  • air pressure
  • ambient noise
  • light levels

Make the most of what you've got

Telia Indoor Climate Monitoring can also provide motion sensing so you can see which rooms are being used and which aren’t. It lets you know if booked meeting rooms are actually in use and lets you make the most of the ones you've got. It also helps you to understand traffic flow in common areas such as building entrances and halllways so you can understand how people behave and give them a better experience.


Your building data will all be consolidated and visualized in one platform. Here you can analyze and unlock insights into how your operations really performs – and how to make it better. Compare current data with historical data. Identify patterns and trends. Stop guessing and start making better informed decisions.

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