The key to IoT is not to get caught up in the technology. If you spend too long developing your solution, someone else will beat you to market. At the same time, you need to be able to customise your solution to suit your specific opportunity.


The Telia IoT Platform is the sweet spot in the middle. Using Microsoft Azure as a base, it gives you a powerful set of tools that are easy to use, fast to deploy, and give you the flexibility to make your solution – your solution. The Telia IoT Platform lets you monitor, analyse and understand your data and to control predict and maintain your operation remotely.


See what’s really happening. Which parts of your operation work as they should and which don’t? How much are you producing and what resources does it take? Then you can take control. Adjust, fine-tune and optimize your devices and your operation remotely. Test and fine-tune with live feedback. Make small changes – that multiplied by time and scale – can deliver very big results.


Gain business insights by combining current and historical data in real time. This lets you optimise your operation, increase your productivity and maximise availability. You can store, process and analyse your data in the cloud, on your premises, or in our brand new, high-performance data centre.


Downtime is the enemy of profit. But if you know in advance what’s likely to happen, you can be proactive. From what’s happened and what’s happening, you can understand what’s likely to happen in a day, a week or a month. Then you can take proactive steps to avoid unexpected disruptions or downtime. From just-in-time logistics to preventative maintenance; you can always stay one step ahead.


Data collected from sensors, devices or assets can be turned into operational insight that lets you understand what’s really going on – and act on it. The Telia IoT Platform enables a wide range of customisable user interfaces to visualize and analyse data. Data can be processed, analysed or aggregated to historical data from other sources. Existing third-party systems, like Microsoft Power BI can also easily be used to further refine the data. Now you can analyse, optimize and predict business processes with real-time visibility.



Security-by-design is a fundamental principle of the Telia IoT Platform. Our starting point is Telia’s digital infrastructure in the Nordics and Baltics. Because it’s our network, we can build security into each link in your connectivity chain with enterprise-grade authentication, encryption and monitoring. We follow the GSMA security guidelines for end-to-end security. We then add our own extra layer of security with Telia’s license free terminal/edge agent software to protect all of your IoT devices.


Where you store and process your data matters. If you need to hold it on your premises – we can provide secure and dedicated connectivity. Or in the public cloud – we can connect you with enterprise-grade security. Perhaps you need a mega secure data centre? - We have one of the newest in the Nordics. Even if it’s on the other side of the world – we're the starting point of AS1299, the world's #1 ranked IP backbone – which can connect you to more of the world in a single network hop.


  • Built on Microsoft Azure, compatible with existing Azure IoT services
  • Integrated with Ericsson IoT Accelerator and Cisco Jasper
  • Provides standardised REST API for integration
  • Connectivity agnostic, can be connected to different types of hardware
  • Compatible with third-party business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI

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