Start exploring NB-IoT and LTE-M. Experiment. See what works. What doesn't. Find ways to change your business by learning IoT from the inside out.

Data & SIMs

  • 5 standard TRIO SIMs 
  • 30 MB per SIM per month 
  • 1499 SEK/149 EUR
  • 6 months initial test periode 
  • Additional SIMs could be ordered for 100 SEK/SIM. The initial 6 months will not be extended. 

Network Access 

  • NB-IoT across Telia´s footprint in the Nordic´s and Baltic´s
  • LTE-M across Telia´s footprint in the Nordic´s

Portal Access 

  • URL to the Telia IoT Service Portal: 
  • API portal access

Service Portal Functionality:


  • Subscription requests
  • Trigger alarms
  • Trigger actions


  • Subscription Inventory
  • View Subscription
  • View Subscription details
  • View Subscription traffic for last 24 hours
  • View Subscription activity in the last 7 days
  • Subscription user defined text labels
  • Activate Subscriptions
  • Deactivate Subscriptions
  • Terminate Subscriptions
  • Change Subscription packages
  • Subscription traffic search


  • Real-time diagnostics
  • Top traffic statistics
  • Subscription state information
  • Access monthly reports


  • Download invoices


  • Download user guides
  • Document library
  • Report Incident


  • Users administration
  • Announcements



Please read the General Terms & Conditions and Technical Requirements before you submit your order

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