Telia IoT Connect

Telia IoT Connect

When it comes to IoT connectivity, there’s not much that Telia IoT Connect can’t do. It delivers high-data, low-latency connectivity that suits a broad range of high-performance IoT applications. And just as importantly, it does it with enterprise-grade reliability and security. Right now, we’re connecting everything from Tesla Cars across Scandinavia to residential buildings in the heart of Stockholm.

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution – and that’s exactly what we offer. Our high-performance IoT connectivity offerings are based on the LTE Standard developed by the GSMA 3GPP. These not only define performance in terms of reliability and security, they are also the building blocks of 5G.

Full mobility. Full visibility.

Real-time connectivity is important no matter where you are. But if you’re on the move, it’s even more important. That’s why Tesla chose us to connect its cars in Scandinavia. It’s why we currently connect more than half the buses in Sweden and an ever-growing number in Finland. And it’s why Telia Asset Tracking is trusted to monitor high-value cargo and assets on the move.

Take control of your connectivity

Telia IoT Connect gives you full visibility over all of your IoT connections and lets you control them in real time. Through your IoT Connect portal, you can manage your connections by batch, range or individually. You can also set up parameters so if something unexpected happens, predefined actions are triggered. If a device malfunctions or goes rogue, you can set up a notification to be sent if traffic drops or increases beyond the expected range. And if traffic goes exceptionally high, you can trigger that connection to automatically deactivate and send an alert so you can find out what’s happening. 


IoT for any conditions

IoT doesn’t always happen in an air-conditioned office. And sometimes, the tougher the conditions, the greater the opportunity. That’s why we provide a range of specialist SIM technologies for specialist needs.

Security is built into everything we do. But if you need extra security for extra sensitive data, talk to us about a customised APN / VPN solution.

Roaming partners

We have over 400 roaming partners worldwide. You can customise roaming zones to restrict SIM access to predefined countries or you can let them roam. But roaming is just the start. Telia also operates a global IoT backbone. This provides high-performance connectivity between IoT operators and IoT connectivity platforms around the world. 

Grab an IoT starter kit

Think big start small. Grab a 6 month starter kit with all the IoT SIMs, data, and digital tools you need to get set up and ready to scale.

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Leading the way in digital out-of-home advertising

Find out how Clear Channel used Telia’s IoT Connect offering for more efficient management most of their digital screens in the Nordic countries.

Leading the way in digital out-of-home advertising

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