Positioning – real-time overview of your fleet

See exactly where your vehicles are and which direction they are moving so you can optimize your operation and get the most out of your resources.

Real-time location and historical data

View vehicle location on a map using your web portal. Select individual vehicles or predefined groups. See their driving direction, speed, and whether the vehicle is stationary or in motion. The flexible permissions manager in the portal allows you to decide which people or resources can access different levels of information.

Historical data is securely stored so you can access it at a later stage to see past routes and journeys.


Real-time positioning data; Enables better fleet management

Optimize resource distribution and usage; API to integrate with other business support systems

User-friendly, easy start-up and an intuitive portal

How it works


Positioning runs on the Telia Connected Vehicle platform. A GPS-equipped Telia IoT Edge Gateway (MIIPS C) is installed in each vehicle and registered with the vehicle ID.


The position and current status of the vehicle are sent in real-time over the mobile network to the platform, where the information is processed. If the unit’s connection to the server is lost, for example due to a disturbance in the mobile network, the information is stored in the unit and transmitted when the connection is restored.


Real-time and historical data such as positioning, direction, speed are presented in the cloud portal web interface.


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