Driver ID – simplify driver identification

Driver identification that links the driver to the vehicle adds another layer to positioning information. You can immediately see who’s in which vehicle and get an easy overview of your fleet and your drivers. The connection is recorded directly in the cloud and serves as the basis for services such as driver’s log.

Map your users and simplify for your drivers

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification which is used in Telia Driver ID. This enables contactless data transfer between the reader and the tag – that can be in the form of a badge or a card.

When a driver is linked to a specific RFID tag it allows driver identification. All the driver has to do is swipe the tag over the RFID reader, and the driver is automatically registered to the vehicle.


Get a real-time overview of your fleet and your drivers

Simplify for your driver

How it works


Driver ID runs on the Telia Connected Vehicle platform.


A Telia IoT Edge gateway (MIIPS C) and RFID reader are installed in every vehicle by the driver’s seat. The driver’s identification is recorded by swiping the RFID badge over the reader.


The Telia IoT Edge gateway records and transmits identification data to the platform and cloud-based portal over the mobile network. If the network has poor coverage at any time, the device resumes the transfer once reception is restored.


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