Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

Telia as your operator for Microsoft Teams

Operator Connect gives you as a business customer an easy way to integrate fixed phone numbers and mobile subscriptions in Microsoft Teams for calling.

Calling in Teams simplifies your communication where phone calls and collaboration are integrated in a common solution. Users can then easily make and receive external calls from their computer or mobile phone. It provides the flexibility to work seamlessly regardless of you are at the office, home or traveling.

Besides Teams in computers or mobile phones, it is also possible to connect certified fixed telephones, switchboards, and contact center applications via Teams to complement or replace your existing telephony system.

Telia Operator Connect

Teams Phone Mobile offers a tight and seamless integration between the mobile number on the SIM-card and Microsoft Teams. It enables several benefits for the user, here are some examples:

  • Calls for your mobile number can be answered or dialed in the native mobile phone or on any Teams device
  • Ongoing calls can easily be moved from the mobile phone to Teams for enabling features like recording, subtitling, or collaborating with other Teams users
  • Teams Presence becomes “busy in a call” when users are in a mobile call
  • Combined call history between the mobile phone and Teams

Teams Phone with Fixed Numbers provides an integration for users that only need a fixed phone number, for shared phone devices or for service numbers with call queue capabilities.

Why Operator Connect with Telia?

Microsoft Operator Connect offers a secure and easy way to integrate Telia as an operator with your existing telephone numbers in Teams. It is based on a reliable and robust infrastructure in Telia’s Operator Network. 

Telia Operator Connect

  • Easy administration: The service is administrated in the Microsoft’s tool, Teams Admin Center, where you will automatically find your numbers from Telia and easily can assign them to the corresponding users for calling.
  • Carrier grade voice quality: Telia is integrated directly to Microsoft’s Cloud with full Quality of Service without calls over the Internet. This secures a carrier-grade telephone experience in Microsoft Teams.
  • Reliable support: For help with quality and incident issues you will get the help you need with combined resources from Telia and Microsoft.
  • Benefits of a local operator: When using Telia for Operator Connect, you will get a solution that supports country specific phone number types, flexible call rates and a contact that understands your local business.

How to buy it?

Telia’s service is purchased as a subscription on monthly basis, and it is based on three user subscriptions that can be mixed in a solution depending on the customer need.

Telia Operator Connect

The subscription for Fixed Number Users and Service Numbers are combined by Telia with phone numbers, where Telia supports all types of numbers such as all local area codes, nongeographical as well as free and premium rated numbers. Either new numbers or port in your existing numbers.

The Mobile Users are an add-on to Telia’s Mobile Subscriptions and have only their mobile number integrated with Teams.  

Note that each Teams user needs to have a Microsoft Phone license, either as a add on the M365 E3 and Business subscriptions or included in the E5 subscriptions.

Available countries

Telia's service is targeting midsize or large customers with an initial order of at least 10 users.

Operator Connect is available in the following countries with a link for more information and how to get in contact with Telia.

Sweden: Operator Connect - Telia.se
Norway: Operator Connect - Telia.no
Denmark: Operator Connect - Telia.dk

The list will be updated with more countries soon…

About Telia and Microsoft

Telia has a long experience of delivering IT and telecom services and therefore we can secure your Microsoft Teams solution from a security, network and IT workplace perspective as well as from a communication perspective with phone numbers and telephony applications.

Telia also offers Microsoft 365 licenses, consulting services in addition to Teams voice and video devices to reduce number of collaborating partners Microsoft Teams solutions.

Telia is a Microsoft Gold Partner in almost all competence areas and work closely in several product areas.

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