Need to manage complex environments, including multivendor, multi-OS and multipurpose mobile devices in multiple countries? No problem. Our managed mobility services cover every need – from procurement to deployment and management of mobile devices and apps and services. Now you have one partner for everything relating to your devices – which means fewer invoices and no separate limit arrangements or leasing agreements.


One partner for everything relating to your devices

Predictable costs with no surprises

Simple management even as your organization grows

Device as a Service
Make costs predictable with Device as a Service – a scalable business model that eliminates the hassle of variable delivery, repair and return processes. Learn more

Unified Endpoint Management
When the number of devices within your organisation grows, it doesn’t have to mean that management becomes more difficult. With Unified Endpoint Management, you have a single solution for managing all your company’s devices. And all will be updated with the latest operating system.

Mobile Application Management
Tailoring devices and their applications to user groups is easy with Mobile Application Management. User verification is secure and simple, and the user can login to all cloud computing services with a single sign-on.

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