A great customer service experience is seamless, with the native intelligence to route customer enquiries to the right answer or person, regardless of channel.

Telia ACE is a platform designed for seamless customer interaction and smart conversations. Its built-in intelligence steers the customer quickly to an answer, or to a person with the right knowledge, and keeps your staff one step ahead in every contact.


Built-in intelligence for smooth customer interactions

Everything you need for effective online customer service

Easily scalable to match changing needs

You’ll find all the features you need for effective online customer service – from smart FAQ and chatbots to live video. And it’s as simple as it is efficient.

Our chatbot can resolve many common customer issues on its own. But if needed, it can forward the call to an agent. The conversation continues seamlessly in the same window, and the customer's question will not be lost. The chatbot can also interpret customer behaviour to figure out what type of information or help is being sought. It is designed to be curious and helpful. 

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Through AI-based customer service, we streamline the customer journey and give you smart new ways to add value and ease customers’ frustrations. And combined with process automation, it lets you speed up and boost efficiency.


Advanced features, such as real-time monitoring, statistics, business intelligence and interaction analytics, cover any conversation in any channel. It’s straightforward to gain insights from large amounts of data, both real-time and historical. You gain a deeper understanding of your customers that enables you to enhance service even further.

Telia ACE + Google Cloud = more intelligent customer service

Learn about our collaboration with the Google Contact Center Artificial Intelligence Cloud on Google's 'Morning Coffee' program.

You can also learn more about why we chose to embed Google Contact Center Artificial Intelligence (Contact Center AI) tools into the Telia ACE platform here. Or you can learn more about the Google Contact Center AI here


Telia solutions supports CRM integration and can connect with other case management or business systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. For an enhanced customer experience, information from the contact centre can be exchanged with the CRM system in real time. 

Telia solutions have ready-made adapters for all the main unified communication vendors, including Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya and Mitel. That means you can combine Telia solutions with PBX and telephony from any operator.

Customer service is a vital part of your business. That’s why we take care of servers, backup and monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. We also make it easy to scale up or down in line with your changing business needs.

We offer all the extras you need for a comprehensive solution, including subscriptions, numbering and service numbers. Need anything else? Just ask.


Telia ACE Customer Service Survey is an annual exploration of the customer meeting trends on the Nordic market.

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