The confidence to fly higher

The confidence to fly higher

The transformation of IT infrastructure into workloads in the public cloud – whether SaaS, PaaS or IaaS – is accelerating fast. It’s a change driven by digitalisation, globalisation and business models based on ecosystems.

Today, more than half of the work of an average enterprise takes place outside the data center. We call this shift Journey2Cloud. The possibilities are great, but it also puts pressure on enterprise IT organisations to better manage, orchestrate and secure their workloads.

​​​​​​​Security is critical

One essential aspect of all this is security. And it’s a challenge, since IT needs to find ways to secure traffic originating anywhere – not just from sites within the trusted enterprise network, such as offices, branches, campuses or factories. The traffic could just as well come from partner sites, home offices, hotels, coffee shops or, in the case of IoT, from any non-trusted network. The traffic could also be heading anywhere, for example trusted SaaS partners or systems running in IaaS environments.

Telia’s aim is to support you in securing traffic originating from trusted or untrusted networks. Our portfolio of networking (access, underlay, SD-WAN and LAN) and cloud-based security solutions is designed to accomplish just that.

Everything you need

In addition to our trusted networking solutions, we provide a secure access layer together and protective technologies, with centralised management and enforcement of security policies. Which means we give you all the functions of VPN, cloud firewall, secure web gateway and cloud access security broker.

Wherever you need it

Unlike traditional security offerings, our cloud security solutions secure access from any location to any destination, whether internal or external, without routing all the traffic back through the data center.

Instead, endpoints (such as computers, mobile devices or branch gateways) connect to the nearest point-of-presence (POP) for the provider. The data is then routed across encrypted tunnels or private backbones to an egress POP near the destination. Security policy is applied along the way.

The use of distributed POP to produce the service overcomes the traditional VPN application performance hit by eliminating the need to route everything through the data center when more direct paths are possible. Thanks to our global IP backbone, continuous direct connections to most cloud providers, using our network and security services can even improve performance for cloud applications.

State-of-the-art protection

When it comes to policy enforcement, our cloud security suite provides API-based functions for use with known and sanctioned cloud destinations, and in-line features for protection of other cloud-bound traffic.

Going forward, we aim to integrate capabilities such as discovery, data loss prevention and other security and risk management functions currently provided with specialised appliances in most organisations. Several of our security functionalities will be possible to run as virtual network functions (VNF), fully integrated with our SD-WAN services.

Here for you

Need to provide a growing population of users with secure access to internal and external resources? Want visibility into cloud-bound traffic, or to apply a security policy consistently across resources in multiple cloud environments? Need to supplement SD-WAN security?

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you achieve your targets.

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