Transform your building without moving a brick

Transform your building without moving a brick

Telia Smart Building is a suite of digitalization tools and services for new and existing buildings. It enables building owners and managers to monitor and optimize building operations, reduce costs and increase sustainability. It also creates a more healthy and comfortable environment for tenants, and gives them new 'smart' services to simplify their day-to-day lives.

Increase comfort and reduce energy costs

Increase tenant comfort by monitoring temperature and humidity remotely. That way you can fine-tune in real-time and identify problem areas. You can also identify where energy is being wasted and where savings can be found.

Learn more about Telia Indoor Climate Monitoring >


Connect alarms and make apartments smarter

Monitor fire and water leakage alarms throughout your buildng and get automated alerts when action is needed. Your tenants also get a gateway and easy-to-use platform to start connecting smart lights and appliances.

Read more about Telia Smart Living >

Deliver fresher, healthier indoor air quality

Keep your tenants comfortable and healthy by monitoring CO2 and air pollutants. Then you can proactively improvie air quality. We provide an end-to-end solution from sensors and connectivity to a platform for dashboards, alerts and APIs.

Learn more about Telia Indoor Air Quality Monitoring >

Measure the value of each location

To calculate the value of a location, you need to understand how many people visit the area or pass by. Crowd Insights delivers real-world datasets that show how many people visit, at what times, where they come from and how long they stay.

Learn more about Telia Crowd Insights >



Better connectivity and services for tenants

To keep your tenants immersed in their online worlds, you need to combine the best communication and entertainment options with high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity. Our tenant packages and digital infrastructure let you deliver the best possible online experience. 

Learn more about Telia Fiber and Triple Play >

Secure building networks and facility WiFi

Your buildings’ networks are critical infrastructure. As well as high-performance and ultra-reliable, they also need to be ultra-secure. We provide building ICT and network services to keep your business running smoothely as well as facility WiFi to keep common areas connected.  

Read more about Telia Secure Building Networks >

Emergency communication for elevators

If an elevator stops unexpectedly, your tenants need to be able to tell you about it. Our always-on emergency communication lets you maximise passenger safety and comply with safety regulations. 

Read more about Emergency Elevator Communication >


Smart Building Buyer's Guide

Smart Building Buyer's Guide

Understand the why, what and how of a smart building – and how to get started fast.

Download the guide
Smart Building Buyer's Guide

Smart Building Buyer's Guide

Understand the why, what and how of a smart building – and how to get started fast.

Download the guide
Digitalization of buildings report

Digitalization of buildings report

What are the industry's goals, trends and pain points – and how is digitalization helping.

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Smart Building Demo

Smart Building Demo

See the Telia Smart Building platform in action to understand the value it can let you deliver.

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