Public transport can transform cities taking cars off the road and turning grey space into green – but only if people choose it. As a public transport provider, this means understanding what passengers really want and finding better ways to deliver it. The challenge is to do it while reducing operational costs and environmental impact. The good news is there’s a new range of digital tools that makes this possible.

Data-driven public transport

It's relatively easy to monitor where people get on the bus and off again. But what then? Telia Crowd Insights uses anonymised crowd movement data to show where passengers start and end their entire journey – not just the part on public transport. This lets you unlock the mysteries of the first and last mile. Not just where, but how they travel. With the complete picture, you can identify gaps in your network and new route possibilities. You can gain deep insights based on real measurements and make data-driven decisions. Learn more about how to bring your route planning into the digital age with Telia Crowd Insights.


Passengers rely on their ride arriving when it should. But in a system of so many moving parts, that’s not always possible. Each time a bus is late or doesn’t turn up, your passengers experience a sense of helplessness. When is it coming? Is it coming at all?!!  Studies have shown that when people are waiting for something – but don’t know when it will happen – they become hyper-aware of time and it seems to take longer. 

Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) is the solution. In essence it's the change from printed timetables that say when a bus should  arrive – to knowing exactly when it will arrive. Whether it's fed into an app or displayed digitally at a bus stop or on the bus; passengers can gain back the feeling of control over their time. Learn more about digital signage


When your drivers are driving, they need to be able to focus on that. This starts with consolidating all onboard systems onto one platform and screen. Telia Smart Public Transport does this with a powerful edge processor that gives drivers real-time information from all of the digital systems on the bus. For starters, this reduces distracted driving and lets your drivers keep their eyes on the road. It also gives them a range of digital tools to monitor what’s happening onboard and fine-tune their driving for greater fuel efficiency and safety as well as delivering a better experience for passengers. 


Operational efficiency is the low-hanging fruit of digitalisation. And nowhere is there a clearer example than with the Eco-Driving application. It gives your drivers real-time feedback on how their braking, acceleration and gear changing patterns affect the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Simply by helping make them better drivers, the Eco-Driving application has been proven to decrease fuel consumption by an impressive 12% That’s great for your bottom line as well as the environment. Eco-Driving is just one of the services available in Telia Smart Public Transport. Read more


Telia Smart Public Transport is built on an open platform. So as well as the services it comes with, you can also add your own or other 3rd party applications. And because you can feed the data via API into your existing fleet management systems, you can gain much more granular visibility of your operation and optimise it in real time. Learn more about Telia Smart Public Transport offering

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