Building from people outwards

Building from people outwards

Managing buildings has never been easier – or harder. Today’s technology lets you reduce building operating costs and emissions while delivering a better experience for those inside. But it’s human nature that as soon as we experience something, we expect it. So if people don’t get as good an experience in your building as they do in others, they notice. And if you don’t get the same cost savings as your competitors, you notice.

The good news is, your timing’s perfect. Smart building functionality and IoT connectivity are both at the stage of maturity where they can make meaningful differences to the way we live in, and manage, buildings. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new-build or hundred-year-old building, digitalisation gives you the tools to transform your building from the inside out.


When people are comfortable, they don’t even notice it. A satisfied occupant doesn’t think of the fact that their building is managed at all – they’re happy and you’re invisible. The key to keeping it that way is to understand what’s going on inside your building and to be able to control it in real time. By monitoring the parameters that define comfort – temperature, humidity, ambient light and sound levels – you can proactively optimise the comfort of your occupants and the energy consumption of your building.

Learn more about Telia Building Monitoring


You can also replace reactive maintenance – waiting until someone complains – with predictive maintenance. By connecting elevators you can know how many cycles they’ve completed and when they need a service. This can prevent break-downs if they’re used more often than you thought and it can mean delaying the cost of servicing if they’re used less than you thought. The key is knowing. 

Telia Smart Building is built on an open platform that lets all of your systems talk to each other. This makes it easier for you to see what’s happening and it makes it possible to set KPIs for your service providers. When everyone shares common metrics; defining and measuring performance becomes a lot easier. Set performance KPIs you can accurately measure and you can achieve a higher level of service. This also gives you a competitive advantage if you are tendering for new contracts. Learn more about Telia Smart Building.



40% of the energy used in cities is used in buildings. It’s an area where small changes can make a big difference. Real-time visibility of what’s happening in your building not only lets you optimise the comfort of those inside, it also lets you reduce the amount of energy you need to do it. Deliver just the right amount of heating or air-conditioning where it is needed, when it is needed. When you have temperature data from all parts of your building, you can start to analyse the effects of weather conditions and occupant levels on building heating.

Being able to see seasonal, weekly, daily and hourly temperature and energy usage patterns allows you to fine-tune with great precision. How much do you need to pre-heat before people arrive at the office or get out of bed in the morning? When can you turn heating or cooling systems down on account of the different levels of activity inside? What’s the variation from the bottom of the building to the top? It’s not just your heating and cooling systems either, smart blinds are also a great way to block the summer sun at just the right time rather than paying to counteract its heat.


It’s normally not practical to simply ‘add more meeting rooms’ – especially to a building that’s already been built. A smarter option is to use what you’ve got in a more efficient way. Connected movement sensors can tell you if a booked room is actually being used or not. This lets your meeting room management system work with real data, not just bookings that no one turns up to. You can also see patterns of how your building is used over time. Which parts of your building are empty over summer? Why pay to air-condition an empty floor?

In residential buildings you can see patterns of which parts of your building are used most. Which areas need the most cleaning? Are there some areas that people avoid? Perhaps these need better lighting for people to feel safe?

Telia Climate Monitoring provides movement sensors so you can monitor and make the most of what you've got. As it's name suggests, it also enables you to monitor your building temperature and air quality to create a more comfortable and productive environment. Learn more about Telia Building Monitoring



Whether you are deciding where to build, or understand the movements of crowds in the area you are in, Telia Crowd Insights can deliver insights at the level of country, city, suburb, street or corridor; it all depends what you need to know. You can understand the foot traffic in different areas if you are considering where to locate a business. You can understand high-level demographics to understand your customers needs. And you can understand the flows in your area. Where to put facilities such as bathrooms or drinking fountains. It’s a completely anonymous service – the privacy of our subscribers always comes first. Telia Crowd Insights let you understand not just what happened yesterday, but also last year, so you can compare movement patterns over time. Stop guessing, start knowing.

Learn more about Telia Crowd Insights


There are some places where traditional IoT technologies simply won’t reach. Deep into buildings or underground. Telia NB-IoT changes all of that. It’s a direct-to-network Low Power Wide Area technology that lets you monitor what’s happening even in basements and other hard to reach areas. Read more about Telia NB-IoT.

Keep the conversation going

There is one very important data source in your building can’t be connected with sensors: your occupants. If you make it easy and frustration-free for them to talk to you, they will tell you not just what’s not working, but what is. And what could make their experience even better. Of course Telia are experts at providing large-scale Internet, TV & telephony for buildings and developments, but we also provide some other very important parts of your buildings ICT infrastructure.

Telia Ace is a customer service platform that lets your occupants communicate with you on their terms. Phone, chat, email, social media and text are all combined onto a single platform that makes it simple for your customer service team to respond quickly and solve problems in a timely manner. Learn more about Telia Ace.

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